Sunday, April 17, 2011

i'm back.

hi guys, i know it's been a while. but well, i just want to share a bit about my life, precisely about my today's activity. now.. where should i start?

....tonight is not my best night. why? because i just went home from my aunt's house and found water just flooding the back of my house... but still, it floods until this middle room which has those table and chairs for us to eat. my mom is now downstair 'chillin' with them. sorry mom, i didn't mean to leave you like that but i just don't know what i suppose to do. in fact, she asked me to go shower instead of helping her, so well. i'm here right now, in front of the computer and writing what is on my mind.

i am actually have something to tell, and i just realize that i forgot to close the door of my room but i don't mind, who wants to get here anyway.
the rain is so heavy tonight, God i wish You've already saved them out there. the thunder seems to be so light and it freaks me out a bit.

back to the topic, i want to share something right here. i shouldn't share that thing right here actually, this is open for public, whoever can read my blog, even the president of america can read my blog ha ha. but i don't know who to share so i prefer and decide to share 'that' thing here.

let it begin...
the story starts when i looked at my blog. yes! this blog! i'm like.. nostalgic-ing with this blog, ya you name it. i was like thinking what have i wrote on this blog at that time, and i found that post which made me thinking 'OMG is it real? why should i wrote this?!' and it still stuck on my lung, head especially heart. they keeps going round and round my head. i know it's not fair but why.. God, only You know the reason why.. make it back.. make it back please..

i rushed go downstair and told my friends about it. even one of my friend told me that she felt like i'm still having the chemistry with him well in fact it's all the opposite way. i can't turn back time, everybody knows that. but let me have one more chance to feel that way, i mean, when will? until when? do i have to wait....? i have someone, so did that people i'm talking about right now.

i'm not dreaming am i? yes, i didn't. cause i still love reading that 'vintage' chats uptil now.

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry!!!!!!
i just can't handle it, and i think this is the best way...

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